Top 3 Hoi An Free Tour – Update 2019

“Free tour of Hoi An” etc. Kim Bong village, Thrace vegetable village and Cam Thanh water coconut Palm Village offers a free bike tour, including Hoi An untapped in rural local college groups. You can look at the field of the wonderful countryside scene, rice fields, fishing, water buffalo and bamboo bridge and a bike around town. You will get a lot of inside learning is not written in the guide book. It gives an opportunity for volunteer students to practice their English language skills through all the outdoor activities on cultural exchange.

Free Hoi An Bike Tour

Man, take beautiful pictures of nature, go to many villages near Hoi An.
Have a meal with my family,
Then come back Hoi An and research culture, person of Hoi An.

On arrival
Bicycle rentals: 40,000 VND / day (2 USD) or motorbike rentals: 80,000 vnđ -100,000vnđ (4-5 USD)
You can rent a bike, motobike at your hotel; Community support 30,000 VND (1.5 USD)


Review from traveler on Tripadvisor

Free Bike tour to Kim Bong Village – highly recommend this tour.

“A very enlightening and enjoyable morning – we were not disappointed. Our guides were Crystal and Linh (her 1st tour) from Da Nang University who were great. They were informative and friendly as well as being enthusiastic. After a short bike ride through busy traffic we with our bikes got on a local ferry boat to cross to the Island. There it was great to be able to interact with the local people, watch the boat making/repair process, the mat weaving and the making of rice paper and noodles plus got to try the weaving and making rice paper processes. Awesome experience. Also visited a temple. Lots of photo opportunities. A very relaxing bike ride around the Island. Returned by local ferry. Thank you again to our guides.”

Wonderful, peaceful trip around Hoi An

“Daisy and Eden were excellent guides. They kept the tour very interesting and 4 hours passed really fast. The tour starts with taking a boat to a nearby island village and spending time there doing various activities with many local families. It was a wonderful way to experience the culture. Would highly recommend to anyone to get away from chaos of Vietnamese cities.”


Free Walking Tour Hoi An

We had a wonderful experience with HoiAn mates walking tour today. The guide was a young lady Ms Diem (Ellie) who’s studying English in her 2nd year. She brought us to several places within the old HoiAn town and provided interesting facts about these places which we will not know without the information given. In spite of the hot weather and the sweat running down her cheek, she showed dedication and gentle patience in showing us around. Truly it has made our trip at Hoian more memorable. This trip is highly recommended.

Being ancient and peaceful, Hoi An Ancient Town is one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam that has something for all travellers. Once a bustling trading port with many traders from China, Japan, Hoian is now a World Heritage Site whose buildings, streets and culture are well preserved and reflect the influences, both local and foreign, that have combined to produce this unique town. Wonderful people, fantastic foods, beautiful shops and sparkling lanterns, Hoian will captivate you with its beauty and worldly charm.


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