Street Food Tour in Hoi An Town
With aim to introduce a new image for the real life of Vietnamese cultures, ethnic minorities and landscape nature in central Vietnamese. Hoi An Native Tours, who is come from ethnic families farmers or Cotu ethnic minority ( mountain of Ho Chi Minh trail) , DMZ ( Viet Cong family), and Fishing village,…They are understand the effects of agent orange are still creating chaos after Vietnam war, understand local life style and Vietnam history. it shows in the depth of knowledge and love we have of central Vietnam.


Hoi An Native And Social Travel
Explore Ho Chi Minh trail Tour by our Tours

Experience real natural beauty, traditional culture, history and foods by motorbike tour, is ways that no one else can offer. Your trip will be filled with meaningful things, You will get to see the real vietnam outside of tourist areas, places that only few people go to. There are beautiful mountains, waterfalls, rivers and tiny villages surrounded by rice fields, relics of Vietnam war, traditional villages,…. Everyone living there will meet you with smiles and joy that you just know is genuine. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience something great AND help people who truly need it at the very same time.

By taking a Hoi An tour, you will be helping many children and people in this beautiful country. 10% percent of the proceeds from the tour fees is given directly to charities arising from the motorbike tours as detailed on this website. Ethnic Minority Villages are also helped with a percentage of the fees going to aid the people living in these villages.

– Children will be able to go to school, learn to read and write and speak English, which will benefit them later in their lives. The money is also spent on building houses for the people in the villages and giving them clean water. In the end they will live a much healthier lifestyle and thereby postpone sickness and age.