How to travel self-sufficient Hoi An Ancient Town

Transport to Hoi An: Starting from Da Nang to Hoi An takes about 30 km, there are many means for you to rent and then go to Hoi An: bus, motorbike, taxi …

Sightseeing in Hoi An: back to Hoi An, each time is an emotion. When visiting around the old town, also eat some delicious food, play the hut, drop the flowers … but you will not feel much because everything happens so fast, just remember to be choked in the lantern.

You can see details here: tourist destinations in Cu Lao Cham – Try it once and feel. Cu Lao Cham with the unspoiled beauty of the island that people have not yet fully exploited, feel the green of the sea, cool breeze along with the activities of fishermen, this is one of the interesting things that every visitor all feel when it comes to indigo Cu Lao Cham tourism is self-sufficient –

What to play, what to eat in Hoi An: mentioning Hoi An cuisine will make you think of street food. The small restaurants on the sidewalk brought Hoi An’s culinary reputation to fame around the world. In addition, you can participate in many interesting activities here. See now: cheap 2-day-1 island indigo tour only 890K feel your journey to indulge in self-sufficiency in your own way. Street food Cu Lao Cham:

Vehicles moving through Cu Lao island: speedboats, canoes, or market ships.

– Sightseeing on Cu Lao Cham island: You have set foot in Hoi An to spend a little time to visit the beautiful island area called Hon Lao – a beautiful island paradise always know to please tourists.

– Delicious delicacies are hard to resist on the green island of Cu Lao Cham: cake with little thorny leaves, stone crabs, a sunny squid, bird’s nests … are special dishes that are hard to ignore when coming to the indigo island.

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Please join us to enjoy relaxing moments to feel the fresh space and the blue sea that natural mothers have given. And do not forget to choose a one-day tour of indigo island cheap only 480.000 vnd for a trip to discover Lao super super-economical.

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