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(hoianmotorbikeadventurestour.com) Mr. Sunny retains the strong flavor of hometown dishes to attract diners to Quang noodle shop in Phu Nhuan district. Three-year-old Chinese restaurant selling noodles in Saigon / VND 60,000 noodle in Saigon: want to wait for an hour

Located on Phan Xich Long Street (Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City), Que Hom Restaurant is my owner, Mr. Sunny and Da Nang. The store opened in 2006 with the dishes kept by the owner. The sunshine beside the familiar kitchen corner is located in front of the shop. Photo: Di Vy.Mr. Sunny in the familiar kitchen corner is located in front of the shop. Photo: Di Vy. Every day, Mr. Nang and his wife prepare the kitchen steps from early to serve breakfast for commuters. Raw materials are purchased at a market near the house, noodles at relatives’ houses, are white. “Particularly, beef rolls are transferred from Da Nang to ensure the original flavor of the dish,” said the owner.

Mi Quang in white noodle in Hoi An Town
Mi Quang – Quang Noodle is best street food in Hoi An Town.

The shop is located on the front of the road, space is small and dark, the owner must turn on the light to illuminate. Guests will sit and eat on the high tables and chairs that are arranged neatly to leave the aisle. The whole kitchen is located in the front. Guests are often attracted to the ingredients placed in glass cabinets. The aroma of the soup pot emanates faintly as you step inside. Soft beef rolls, fragrant and fragrant. When you order Quang noodles, you will see the chef put a layer of raw vegetables in the bowl and cover with a cup of pre-cooked noodles on top. Chan used to be tattooed in the right style of Quang. When you enjoy, you will feel the noodles soaked in broth, mixed with the raw vegetables. Crunchy roasted peanut head is given above to make the dish more fat.

You can add seasoned fish sauce, lemon, chili to increase the flavor of the dish.Ms. Duong (who lives in Tan Binh) is a regular customer of the restaurant for many years. “I feel the taste of the broth is slightly salty compared to my taste. Perhaps this is the Central style. However, I still like the style of service and the varied menu of the restaurant so often come to eat.” , Ms. Duong said. In addition to Quang noodles, the restaurant also sells noodle fish sauce, bun noodle, beef noodle soup, jackfruit, tuna vermicelli. Each meal has a price ranging from 25,000 VND. Each full meal costs 30,000 VND. Photo: Di Vy.Mr. Sunny and his wife take turns standing in the kitchen, the waitress has only a few people. The restaurant is often crowded at rush hour, noon and evening.

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At times like that, Mr. Sunny was also on duty to lead and arrange cars for guests on the small porch. The shop owner is open to chatting with patrons. Perhaps because of that, many guests coming out of the shop are all smiling.

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