Hoi An Travel Guide Itinerary perfect 1 day

South. Earlier, Rehahn spent eight years exploring peoples in Vietnam to take pictures of the villagers and keep their traditional costumes.

If you meet Rehahn at the museum, he will be happy to share the Hidden Smile story, his best photograph, capturing the smile of a girl in a Vietnamese hat. This portrait was donated to French President, Emmunuel Macron, in 2018.

Day 1 in Hoi An Town


To experience street food in Hoi An, visitors can look to Cho Vy restaurant. This culinary base serves more than 200 traditional dishes, including special dishes such as steamed pig brains, fish curry, rolls of lettuce or meat stuffed squid.


After dinner, Hoi An ancient town will host the main night market. Walking around the shopping carts and through the bustling crowds, you can see boats decorated with silk lanterns, lying on the riverside. Stepping on small wooden boats, the night scene on Hoi An river is captured in sight, just like an oil painting, with color points from lanterns reflected on the river’s surface.

The bamboo bridge will guide visitors to a small square, where people often gather to sing funny songs.

Sunday in Hoi An Ancient Town itinerary


Within 30 minutes drive from the old town, visitors can experience rowing boat in coconut land of Hoi An, or explore Marble Mountains with caves and towering Buddha statues. Hoi An is a coastal city, so visitors should not ignore Tan Thanh, a peaceful white sand beach with the waves of waves, where visitors can relax and watch Cu Lao Cham from afar.
Experience basket boat on coconut-shaded river.

Experience basket boat on coconut-shaded river. Photo: Nytimes.

Sunday morning will become more complete if you enjoy a coffee or smoothie at Salt Pub, Sound of Silence. Here, you can enjoy a beautiful day on high huts and watch the skyscrapers collapse in sight.


To discover the rest of Hoi An, visitors can walk along the streets and find Nu Eatery, the restaurant is located on the west side of the Cau Pagoda. Phuc Ngo, the owner, who has many years of working experience in the US, returned to Vietnam in 2014 and opened this shop.

He calls these modern Vietnamese dishes, because they bring a little blend of American food. Here, visitors can enjoy delicious salads from butter and sweet potatoes, fried eggs and azaleas, rice dishes with eggplant, green vegetables and mushrooms, steamed buns and pickled pickles. A meal for two people here costs about VND 270,000.

Booking in Hoi An

To find accommodation in Hoi An, you can use Airbnb to search for a homestay, where visitors stay in rooms that the local landlord leases. Each room with a private bathroom and balcony costs from 20 USD to 30 USD per night.


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If you prefer a quieter place, you can go to Hai Ba Trung Street or the streets along Thu Bon River. However, the rooms here are a bit higher. Hoi An also has many hotels in the old town center. However, large rooms need to be booked for months, double rooms cost about 100 USD.

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