The first bike sharing scheme has hit the streets of Hoi An

Motorcycle numbers multiply, Hoi An is to promote environmentally friendly transportation and started the first bike-sharing service on Sunday. Hoi An officials said they have 11 places in the initial phase, 100 bikes available at the dock. Another 10 units will be added to the next month and another 160 bicycles.

Users can download a smartphone application to release a bicycle lock. They can ride a bike for free for the first 30 minutes each day before returning to the docking station of their choice. Don’t forget check out these Hoi An Tours.

VND20,000 (86 cents) to buy the coupons from the various sales points in the payment system, or the town of the application fee will be applied after the time that you can be paid free time. Full day rental would have cost VND200,000.

Hoi Deputy Chairman Nguyen Van Son project launching ceremony said that to encourage locals and tourists each day to use the bicycle for transport in order to maintain the image of the environment and travel hotspots popular in the town of Central Vietnam to the goal.
The user releases the bike locked by a smartphone application.


The new bike sharing service in Hoi An will allow users to unlock the bike with a smartphone application.

Hoi An Bike population reduction initiative report comes to the recent rise of the motorcycle.

In the period 2012 to 2017 has increased by 41% to 77% of motorcycle week, it added.

No. According to 45,000 motorcycles and 5,000 local police registered a new annual statistics on the operation of Ian, it is.

Hoi An authorities, HealthBridge Canada and the Development Cooperation (GIZ) hosted by the German project are intended to provide a more sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation alternative.

Jörg Lugar, German chancellor in Vietnam, most of the hotel projects that are offered to people with other sustainable transport options in the city where guests can rent a bicycle.

“They can try it and decide the most appropriate system for rent to them, but the idea is to provide both at the same time you should not have one company with another solution.

GIZ is funding the project with a 178,005 euros, which will be used to improve some of the roads in the dedicated bike lanes 3-5 km City ($ 200,000).

Bicycles are provided QIQ, the Singapore-based companies share green mobility. The company announced earlier bike sharing scheme is similar in Hanoi on.

With narrow streets that are not suited for buses or other large vehicles, bicycles are considered to Hoi An ideal location.

The town was a pioneer in the country since 2004 to ensure pedestrian-friendly streets.

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