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Cycling in Hoi An: self-guide travel

What can you expect to see in Hoi An? There is a small, beautiful and peaceful town without electricity in the evenings and no vehicles on the streets. Avoiding hustle and bustle of a noisy city, you will indulge yourself in private and ancient atmosphere that you can’t find anywhere easily. The only vehicle you can use in here is bicycle, however, you can’t use it after 3pm.

Cycling will also be useful for you if you want to go further to know more about Hoi An. There are some tips that may help you to have a more convenient trip here. Let follow us in the article: “Cycling in Hoi An: self-guide travel” below

Cycling self-guide travel tips

Cycling by bike is so cheap and safe in Hoi An town. You can go easily through small alleys and roads to explore new things and a graceful town near Thu Bon River. Stopping by anywhere to go shopping, enjoy delicious street food like Cao Lau noodle, bread, pancake… and see the ancient houses with colorful walls and bright confetti.

If you want to go further like around Hoi An town, you should know some transport rule here to keep you safe while traveling by bike. Vehicles here is always on the right of streets, however you should take care of intersections because some drivers don’t really follow the rules. You also should have a bell on your bike too. It gives others knowing your appearance.

Locking your bike inside somewhere if you need to walk out for more than 30 minutes, you may don’t know where your bike goes after that. Bring some water and park you bike in the shade if you don’t want to burn your bottom then.

Bicycle rental in Hoi An

There are a lot of places you can rent a bike with a cheap price from 20.000 to 40.000 VN dong ($1-$2). You can find some shops on Tran Hung Dao, Ly Thuong Kiet, Hai Ba Trung, Le Loi street.

While cycling in Hoi An town, you can drop by Cau Bridge, that is located between Nguyen Thi Minh Khai and Tran Phu street. It’s typically architectural construction which was built by Japanese businessmen in 17th century. Don’t also forget to drink some cups of coffee to see Hoi An town from high floors and taking part in outdoor activities with local people such as floating flower lanterns on the river.

cycling in hoi an self guided travel

Hoi An cycling tour

Apart from cycling tour in Hoi An Town, there are some places being worth to visiting.

3.1 Hoi An – Cam Kim islands cycling tour

Cam Kim is in buffer zone of Cu Lao Cham which is rich in flora and fauna system. With its feature of dunes, ancient architecture, village roads, bamboo rangers and rice fields, there is developing eco-tourism and agriculture in a sustainable way.

There is also Kim Bong carpentry village which has been famous since ancient times, integrating many tangible and intangible cultural values. It’s a world cultural heritage, both as a connecting corridor and a belt to expand the tourism development space of Hoi An.

3.2 Hoi An – An Bang beach cycling tour

An Bang beach is getting more popular with foreigners when they come to Hoi An. Some coffee shops here are worth to get in like Surf Bar. Surf Bar looks small and decorated in the style of ancient European architecture.

Going in the middle of a narrow unnamed road into the shop, it feels like you are lost in a small alley in the heart of Europe, both sides are full of bicycles and electric bicycles, only one or two motorcycles. A small road, simply a path of visitors, in the middle are square pieces of stone lined in a straight line to the end of the road, flanked by white sand with the taste of the sea.

Hoi An – My son sanctuary cycling tour

This is a complex with more than 70 temple towers with many sculptural architectural styles typical of each historical period of the Kingdom of Champa. Most of the architectural works and sculptures in My Son are influenced by Hinduism

My Son Sanctuary not only bears a distinctive architectural style, but it also imbues with Cham culture with gentle and flexible Cham dances. Unique with the dances to the ceremony is the sacred dance directed to the gods in the temple tower. Visitors will see the Cham dancers often wear candles, water, flowers, betel and areca nuts to celebrate looking alive.

In addition, Hoi An also has many unique art activities such as folk performing arts, fire-biting dances, water dance. It is also a destination for photographers who love the mystery, especially in the holy place. As one of the places for those who like to explore and stop here to take some souvenir photos with friends or relatives. Remember our cycling tour in Hoi An and keep in touch with us to know more tips for cycling in Hoi An: self-guide travel.

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