best tailors in hoi an town vietnam

4 Best Tailors in Hoi An – The ultimate guide

It is very normal to decide to wear a suite or a new dress in your own contry, but somehow it gets stuck when you travel to a whole new world where there is new interest to see. This makes you confuse to keep your daily choice for tailor or choosing a new highlight culture marked dress in your visiting country, however a mixture between your old and new style for basic clothes can be awesome if you would like to make it a try.


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The competition between different tailor shops can make you overload by how diversed in price, quality and style they are. It is normally believe a reputation tailor working in a well know shop can make it beter choise, but who know if they have a good marketing strategy or real talent and experiences.

best tailors in hoi an town vietnam

Secrect hidden reviewers already narrow it down into the following list we recommend base on different in price, services, experience and styles. This can be helpful hints for those who want to have a smart choice in advance before going for their fits.

Hoi An’s big-name tailors such as Bebe, Yaly, A Dong and Kimmy come with long lists of extra amenities that the market place tailor shops just cannot offer. Quality control is often an issue with market and small shop tailors. As is the ability to produce quality garments within the typically tight deadlines required by customers passing through or on holiday in Hoi An. The larger tailors have quality control teams dedicated to checking every garment before it’s in your hands.

How do you choose the best tailor

As mentioned earlier, there are many tailors in this city and they all claim to be Hoi An best tailors. It is important to first find out which tailors are best for you with the following tips:

It is important to remember that you get what you pay for in Vietnam. That’s why you should avoid tailors who advertise cheap prices. To escape all the hassle that you may have to deal with, you can compare a few tailors in a few dimensions. Compare price, quality, fabrics used, styles that they recommend, etc. You will be able to distinguish the experienced tailors.

· Many tailors can be found on the internet. You can easily check reviews on TripAdvisor for example. Many travel bloggers also write about their experiences. Satisfied customers indicate the quality of the service.

· You can choose to support the smaller tailors Hoi An has to offer and keep the money in the local community, or you can opt for the larger tailor chain.

Tips on Saving Money at Hoi An Tailors

  • Ask about the different types of materials for making your items. Then, you can choose the most comfortable material at an affordable price.
  • You can haggle on the price if you buy more items (even just more than 1 item is OK)
  • You can save a bit of money by picking good materials instead of paying for the lining.

Tip: Please note, that deposit of up to 50% of the total agreed cost will be requested on day one. The rest is paid on pick up. Most of the major cards are accepted, excluding AMEX. Also, make sure to bargain the price before you order. You will be surprised just how much you can save this way.

The Tailoring Process

  1. The First Step – Design Your Garment
  2. The Second Step – Measurements
  3. The Third Step – Fittings
  4. The Final Step – Collection


Be Be Tailor

Be be tailor is well known for their excellent service and attentive to detail. Personal tailors are also helpful in delivery advice for patterns who willing to look after you, cheerful and speak very good English. Every customers cannot leave without a smile on their face when they experience the services. Their website is also very helpful for browsing image and patterns with cool videos to watch. The whole process takes just 2 days, so it is very effective for those who want to make a search in advance before deciding a place to put their believe in.

Be Be Tailor in Hoi An Town
Be Be Tailor in Hoi An Town


Kimmy Tailor

A Vietnamese Canadian couple established the tailor store in 70s. It passed down to next generation for years. They own secrect technique of making thousands of clothes. They known how to design simple to luxury dress with a high quality result. Western and Vietnamese culture highlightes from their skills and dedicated time that they put into every single piece of materials. You also can take a look at their production facility to see the technique made clothes if you are interest in.

4 Best Tailors in Hoi An - The ultimate guide 1


A Dong Silk

The tailor shop is very famous for it fast process of 10 minutes of measurement process. All of their staff can speak English to communicate with visitors. They prides of themselves making fashionable garment and high quality in their products. Experiented tailors understand customer’s body types so they can deliver comfortable suits.

4 Best Tailors in Hoi An - The ultimate guide 2


A Dong Silk has professional tailors who will give you the best advice for your clothes. However, the style is not up-to-date

Yaly Couture

Behind the butterfly wall, Yaly Couture’s fashionable tailors are always ready to give you the best design for your clothes. To set it apart from other tailor shops, Yaly Couture also makes unique bespoke shoes. They give you may materials to choose from, even some difficult materials such as top-of-the-line wools and cashmeres. If you are lucky enough, you may get a chance to visit the workshops that Yaly Couture organizes. These workshops are highlights of this tailor shop that help to maintain traditional tailoring techniques.

Yaly has up-to-date devices with 3D body scan for measurements. It offers fashionable clothes for customers. However, the price is very high for certain fabrics and they require several fittings.

Yaly Couture in Hoi An
Yaly Couture in Hoi An