Mi Quang in white noodle in Hoi An Town

4 Best food tour in Hoi An

Hoi An is known as not only one of the most famous tourist places in Vietnam. But also it was voted as one of top 10 delicious food destinations in Asia in 2011. Over 20 years ago, UNESCO acknowledged it the world’s cultural heritage because of its historical, architectural unique values.

If you like exploring extremely interesting, new things here with truly Asian culture and especially yummy local food, Hoi An will be your best choice. Let me look at the top best food tour in Hoi An to help you decide which one you’d love to go.

Street Food tour in Hoi An

Have you ever heard of Hoi An street food? What exactly kinds of food are? There are six kinds of food you should know the names on the tour trip: Hoi An chicken rice, Hoi An bread, sticky roll with grilled pork, Cao Lau noodles, dumplings, popsicle.

You will have a chance to try Hoi An bread when you come here from early in the morning. There are two choices Phuong Bread or Madame Khanh Bread. These type of bread is made from paste, pork roll or ham, different kinds of meat, famous herb and sauces. It’s one of the most typically local food here. You can find bread everywhere in Vietnam but its flavor is not the same as well, then you can try the best taste of this food here.

After drinking a cup of coffee and shopping around, let try Hoi An chicken rice for lunch. There are some famous places to go in like Mrs Buoi, Miss Man, Mrs Nga restaurant. Then, you also try Popsicle at tea break in afternoon and have a light meal with sticky roll with grilled pork, Cao Lau noodle and some dumplings in the evening.

Hoi An market food tour

travel hoi an town self sufficient

If you’re so dead busy and want to try food quickly, Hoi An Market food tour will make you happy with your choice. Apart from famous food here, there are hundreds of types of other local food like noodles, cakes, grilled food, you can find easily. In addition, a variety of vegetable, herb, spice is displayed for sale with cheap price.

Don’t forget to try some Vietnamese popular food such as some fresh smoothie like tomatoes, avocado, papaya and some sweet soup with black, red and green bean here too. You may need to bring a big bag to put some food in to try later or come back here soon in case you’re so full quickly.

Night food tour in Hoi An

It is said that there is different Hoi An in evenings and in fact, most people spend this time on visiting shops, famous sites and trying food here. Among hundreds of red lanterns, Hoi An seems to be more glimmering, magnificent and gorgeous. What food should we have in the evenings? Skewer, “đập” cake, rice cake, tofu are food you should know to try.

You can find these types of food every corner of each street in Hoi An town. Their performance of color and decoration and flavor of sweet, spicy and healthy makes your trip here become lovely and unforgettable.

Luxury restaurant food tour in Hoi An

All tours above are not all, you still can enjoy high class food with fresh raw local material in luxury restaurant in Hoi An. Luxury restaurants in Hoi An brings you amazing meals of different country in the world from American, European to Asian recipe. Hundreds of dishes such as beef Carpaccio, Caesar salad with chicken, rack of lamb, grilled tiger pawn… are cooked by Vietnamese professional cooks. The price is not too expensive for at least $200-300 per meal.

Luxury restaurant food tour that is one of the best food tour in Hoi An will give you so much different impression from any other food tour in Hoi An. While you’re tasting the best food here, feeling no gap between Hoi An with any developed city in the world.

Don’t miss these types of tours if you want to travel in Asia. Hoi An is the tourist destination which is combined all best values of history, culture and food won’t let you down. Follow our new articles to explore more about Vietnam as well as famous tourist tours here.

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